Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celiac Camp!!!

My little girl just returned home from an entire week of camp. Yes, my Celiac daughter went away to camp. Some of you are thinking, "How's that possible with her dietary issues?"  The answer, The Great Gluten Escape! One full week of "normal" sleepaway camp, with every single meal prepared by a resident Chef... every single meal 100% free of gluten!!!

She had the best time ever!!  The theme this year was The Great Chicken Run. They combined the movies "The Great Escape" and "Chicken Run" and made it into a super fun week for the kids.

At first, my husband and I thought the cost of camp was a little expensive, and weren't sure we'd be able to swing it. But, in the end... our daughter's desire to *know* that she's not the only kiddo out there who is affected with this issue. We've already decided that she'll go back next year. She made wonderful friends, and had fun cooking, playing games, and swimming.  I am SO happy that this camp exists!!