Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Menu

I may be done, but I wasn't finished. I was called in today to help with preparations for the hospitality students graduation reception. I spent the afternoon helping Chef Prater and Chef Sturmer with busy work. Chef Praer had me washing (seemingly) a ton of rice so he can make horchata. Chef Sturmer kept me busy making pumpernickel toast points and crostini.

I got a sneak peak at the menu for the reception and it just made me smile, and I have to admit, it made me really glad to be a part of the culinary school!

Graduation Reception
Culinary Arts, Pastry-Baking, F&B, Hospitality Management

~ Spiced reisling gelee' with tapioca pearls and marinated strawberries~

~ Seafood platter featuring smoked salmon, poached scallops, spicy shrimp 
with assorted toast points and pumpernickel crostini~

~Anti Pasti with Italian meats and cheeses~

~Sweetbread & mushroom terrine with duck rillette~

~Braised pork strudel~

~Roasted duck with fig mustard glaze, roasted dates, and almonds~

~Broiled teres major of beef with horseradish~

~Viennese Pastries~

Beverages, including Horchata

Oh, it's going to be a happy taste bud evening!! =)

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