Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011! My Resolution.

A new year, already?  Where'd the last one go?

Major changes are in store for me this year. I plan to graduate in May, I plan to go back to work, and I plan -- like a lot of people -- to improve my health. As part of that plan, I'm going to spend more time working out gluten free/vegan versions of the pastries I love so much. I haven't been doing a bang up job in that department, as of late.

I have been feeling unwell. So unwell, in fact, that I've stopped caring what I put into my body. I know there are certain things I should not eat. My only resolution this year is to stop eating things that bother me. It's pretty ridiculous to complain about feelings of "ickiness" when I know that I've been consuming things that my body simply does not want put into it. So, I'm going to stop it! =)

I've also had a wake up call, of sorts. I've said, at least 1000 times, that I do not have Celiac disease. My daughter and my older son do, we are pretty sure my younger son does.... but I was certain that I did not. I know I'm intolerant to gluten... but an all out celiac, naw!

I purchased this months issue of Gluten-Free Living because of an article called How to Stay Positive on a GF Diet. I ended up reading the latest interview with Dr. Alessio Fasano, one of the leading authorities on CD. He was "the" person who said the gold standard for diagnosis of celiac disease is the positive biopsy. Now, he's amending his statement.  Dr. Fasano is now saying that if a person meets 4 out of 5 criteria, you really don't need to have a biopsy - much less a positive one.

The 5 criteria:
1. Symptoms of Celiac
2. Autoantibodies (tissue transglutaminate or antiendomysial)
3. HLA-DQ2 and/or HLA-DQ8 genes
4. A positive biopsy
5. Symptoms resolve on a gluten free diet.

There are many, many people out there who meet 4 of the 5 previous TO the biopsy, me for example. I had the genetic testing since I had all the symptoms, a positive blood antibody test, and a resolution of symptoms on the GF diet. However, my biopsy was negative. I do have the HLA-DQ2 gene that is shown to be a main component to the disease. Sooooooooooo, by this new set of criteria - I would be diagnosed with Celiac, without a positive biopsy. Awesome.

I'm ok with this. I've been 100% GF for a week now, and finally starting to feel a little better. Though, I do notice if I consume dairy.... it's like starting all over again.

Here's to a gluten free new year.... and a healthier me!! 

I've been sooo careful about keeping track of what my children eat, simply so they can avoid the pain that I've been feeling for so long. Just think, all I have to do is be AS careful with what **I** eat, and I won't be in pain anymore either. Seems like a simple solution, doesn't it?? 

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