Friday, June 18, 2010

Julian KC

My friend Laurie and I went to Julian for dinner last Sunday.  I'd heard great things about this place from one of my classmates, Thuan, who actually works there. We were a taken aback and frustrated when we first arrived. Both of us had looked over their menu beforehand and pretty much knew what our menu selections would be. However, on Sundays they do things a little differently.

On Sundays the Chefs at Julian prepare a 4 course themed tasting menu. The cost is significantly more than what I was planning to spend, but Laurie and I both threw care to the wind and decided to stay and enjoy the menu. The theme... pork.  At this very point in time, I was thankful that it wasn't shellfish or something because I would have had to leave.

For starters, we were served a lovely heirloom pork, beet, and greens salad. The beets were purchased that morning from the farmers market down the road. They were amazing! The pork was heavenly!

The second course was braised pork belly with an agave glaze, roasted red pepper coulis, and jalepeno cornbread.  I have to say, my grandma would have been proud of that cornbread. It was delish.
No, it wasn't gluten free... this was one of those days where I'm very thankful that I can tolerate it in small amounts.

For our third course - braised pork cheeks, yucca nocchi, and braised chard.
I could not begin to fathom how they'd work the theme into the dessert... but, they did. Bacon brittle on top of a bacon bread pudding. The bacon brittle is something I'm going to attempt to make myself. I think my husband and his coworkers would flip for it!!
So, would I go back to Julian?  You betcha!!  I look forward to visiting on another Sunday, in the future!!  Their chefs are very skilled at what they do. Their passion for the ingredients was evident in every bite in every course. 

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