Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Regional Cuisine Practical Exam

So, my practical in my American Regional class is Monday. This exam is way different from my other practicals for other culinary classes. Thus far, the practical exams have consisted of every student making one dish... the same dish. One semester is was sauteed chicken, roasted root vegetables, and cream of whatever-they-had-left-in-the-pantry soup. For my second professional cooking class it was Arroz con pollo. We were told what to make but were responsible for finding and converting recipes (small scale, 1 serving) and making it.

This semester we were given a list of ingredients and told to "create" a vegetarian entree from said ingredients.


The assignment was given on Monday,  5/3. I've been going absolutely crazy trying to think of something that would be quite out of the box. I finally succeeded and created something I'm really quite proud of.  Without further ado...

~ Menu ~
Napoleons of Pain Perdu
layered with a Red Lentil & Parmesan Puree
in a roasted tomato coulis.
Baby Greens with a Rosemary infused Vinaigrette

I did a practice run this evening and I wasn't happy with the way I'd decided to plate it. So, it's back to the drawing board on that subject. The taste, however, was quite delicious!!  I surprised myself.  There are still a couple tiny changes I will make, but all in all.... I'm happy!! I can't wait to get in the kitchen to get cooking.  I'm really hopeful Chef T will like it!

PS - I WILL be using gluten free bread for my pain perdu. =)

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