Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview Complete

I arrived for my interview right on time. I'd decided to dress up a bit rather than wear my Chef whites and I'm very glad I did. The other candidates that I saw were all wearing "normal" clothes. I would have felt like an idiot walking in wearing whites.

I usually do very well in interviews. I've been hired following every one I've had thus far in my life. I've always walked away with confidence knowing that I impressed the decision makers.  That's not the case today. You see, my oldest son is in the hospital. My mind was with him, my thoughts and feelings were locked up around ways to help him get better. I stumbled over my words. Some of my responses, upon second thought, didn't really make much sense. I was asked a lot of business related questions to which I really don't have any answers.  I talked my way though it...but was it enough? I have no idea.

The really weird thing was that I know two of the three interviewers pretty well. One was my Confectionery Arts (Chef) instructor. The other, the Dean of Hospitality. The third person was the Dean of Business. Since Pastry School falls in the middle of hospitality and business, it only makes sense that she was there. She wasn't the one who made me nervous.... neither was Chef. The one who made me feel nervous and self conscious was the one person I know I can turn to when I'm having difficulty or struggling. Maybe it's because she knows how much I struggled as a full time student last semester. Maybe that will weigh on her decision as to whether or not I'm admitted to the program.

This really is all I want. Pastry School. It's right in front of me.... but I'm not really sure I can reach it. *sigh*

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