Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Communion

My daughter, Bean, made her first communion this past weekend. It was an incredibly wonderful ceremony and celebration. As I've mentioned about a hundred times, Bean has Celiac disease. She can not receive "normal" wheat laden communion wafers, so we contacted the Benedictine Sisters to have them create her "low gluten" hosts.  Her host was placed on a special paten, away from all the other hosts, and she was the very first one to receive that day. I'm such a proud mama.

Of course, being the baker that I am... I had to bake her gluten free/vegan cupcakes for her celebration. They turned out really delicious!  I used yet another recipe from the Flying Apron baking book. I altered it a bit, subbing tapioca flour for the bean flour, but they were delicious all the same.  I also made chalice&host sugar cookies for her entire class of 44.

Sugar Cookies with an orange royal icing - I used the Everclear to help color the royal icing with luster dust. Yea... I wasn't drinkin' on the job! =)

Here are her yummy cupcakes!

Her completed cupcake tower - I made the tower myself as well!
Thanks to Cake Journal  for the instructions!

And, here's my lovely little Bean!
Congratulations Sweetheart!!!

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