Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge

I, like most people in the US, do not incorporate enough greens into my diet. I actually am a big fan, I just find it a pain in the butt to chomp on lettuce. Romaine, chard, arugula,  you name it... I probably like it. I just don't eat it very often.

Last night my daughter's ballet teacher, the lovely Mrs. Julie, told me about the breakfast that she'd had. It consisted of an apple, a banana, some spinach, blueberries, and milk. I was intrigued. I'd heard of "green" smoothies before but never really gave them much thought. I looked them up online and found whole communities dedicated to the health benefits of the green elixer. I also found a challenge, and really.... I've never been able to resist a really good challenge.

So, as I type I'm slowly sipping on my first Green Smoothie made of an apple, a banana, a few broccoli flowerettes, a handful of romaine lettuce, 4 frozen strawberries, and a splash of rice milk.  It's green, yea... not real pretty and it smells like lawn clippings, but it tastes wonderful!!!  I'm really looking forward to this!

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