Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marshmallow Schmarshmallow!

Adam, the kids, and I were all invited to a birthday party yesterday. On Friday night I got the bright idea to make some marshmallows to take to the birthday girl. I've been making (and selling) them since before Christmas, and it's a pretty good little business I have going. I really like making them - but Ian really likes eating them... and high fructose corn syrup and Ian simply do not mix.

I decided to make cinnamon "red hot" mallows in honor of Valentine's Day. I have a brand new Kitchenaid food processor so I figured it would be no big deal to "crush" the red hots. Well, I was wrong. The noise coming from my processor was one of the worst sounds I've ever heard. It made Joshua scream. I simply could not continue...and I turned it off after about 30 seconds. But, then I was stuck with the challenge of actually getting the flavor INTO the marshmallow.

After about twenty minutes, I sparked an idea. And, the idea worked... very well, indeed. They turned out very well, delish, and quite pretty!!

I took them with to the party and set them on the buffet.  I heard several comments about the marshmallows... including two people (who don't know me) say, "OH, are these K's marshmallows? These things are awesome!"  They approached my husband to comment on them. That made me feel great! =)    I love makin' tummies happy!!!

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