Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making the best of cancellations...

This weather, here in the Midwest, just will not cooperate. Yesterday, as I approached my American Regional production kitchen/classroom,  I could clearly see the blue cancellation notice on the door. Chef Turner could not make it out of his home town, due to excessive snow, and had to cancel.

Normally, they would notify us (via email or text) if class had been canceled. However, yesterday the entire college's computer systems were down. Go figure!

I made the best of it though. I spent the day in the hospitality instructors suite working on Hospitality Management Club projects. We prepared a proposal for funding for the upcoming trip to Chicago. Every year the club attends the International Restaurant Show at McCormick Place. I am not going this year due to prior obligations, but I did go last year and had the BEST time!!  We also worked on the letter to go out to the various hospitality organizations looking for donations to the  Silent Auction. The auction helps to fund scholarships for the various hospitality related fields. I, myself, am a recipient of said scholarships. I was awarded the Hector Boiardi Culinary Scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year. =)  So, it wasn't a day wasted at all.  =)

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