Monday, February 1, 2010

Lab 1 - New England States

This week was our week to visit the New England states. We discussed lobster, crabs, scallops, clam chowder, etc.  We talked about the influence the puritans had on the foods of the area, and we talked about the origin of the Parker House roll & Boston Cream Pie.

My Indian pudding turned out alright. I was a bit disappointed though. Chef had told us that he wanted us to serve 8 portions, so I scaled my recipe to make just 8 portions. I have learned, very quickly, that Chef wants large portions. I should not have scaled the recipe. The taste was great, but because I'd scaled down the recipe I wasn't able to plate it in exactly the way I wanted.

Along with the pudding, I also made caramel and a brandy hard sauce. One of my teammates grilled some granny smith apples and we plated with the caramel on the plate, the apple and the pudding on top, and then the hard sauce dollop on top. The hard sauce melted over the warm pudding and made for a really nice taste!

Here we are, all sitting down to our dinner.
We were all pretty tired, and really hungry... but we all really had wayyyy too much food! =)

Here are a few of the dishes - scallops au gratin with duchess potatoes and a fennel salad. 

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