Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Culinary School - Year 2.

Last night I started my 3rd semester (2nd year) of Culinary School, it was my first night in the Professional Cooking II class. Chef Head lectured for the majority of the night, most of it was review but he did fill us in on his career as a Chef. Much to my delight, Chef Head is another person for whom the Culinary Arts was a second career. He was in the military for 25 years and once he was retired, he decided to become a Chef. He's incredibly passionate about his craft and inspired me quite a bit after just one night.

Again this semester I am using Professional Cooking, 6th Ed, Wayne Gisslen, John Wiley and Son.

We toured the production kitchen and I freaked out a bit seeing just how little space we have to work with. The kitchen itself is incredible. One could easily run an entire catering business with one row of equipment - steam jacket kettles, a tilt table, a Combi (convection, convention, & steam) oven, salamanders...etc. Ohhhh so much stainless steel!

Next week we'll start right out in the labs, we'll be making:
Fish Fumet
Court Bouillion
Vegetable Stock

I can hardly wait to get into that kitchen!!

Stock to cook is voice to singer. - Anonymous

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