Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shame on you!!!

I just read this article about Wellshire Kids Gluten Free Chicken Bites. And, I'm NOT at all happy. We tried to feed these to Brenna once, and she became very ill. We assumed there was something else in chicken, perhaps in the spices, that was bothering her. The reaction wasn't one of an allergic nature, but it was one of "celiac nature." Now I know that Wellshire Kids Gluten Free products are NOT, in fact, gluten free. The Codex standard for acceptible gluten limits in the UK are 200ppm. There is currently no set standard in the US, though they keep promising us there will be one. There are some who feel that 200ppm is incredibly too high for a person with Celiac. Wellshire Kids Chicken has been found to have over 2000ppm. Yikes!

Added: This article was in the Chicago Tribune.

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