Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Syllabus Day!

Tonight was my first night in the Confectionery Arts class. I was really nervous about this class, as I was introduced to Chef a year ago... and he scared me then. Now, he's "my" Chef. Though, he wasn't as scary last night. =)

Anyhow, I am really excited about this class now. Even more so, I was excited about the fact that there is now more room in the bake shop because they've removed some of the huge metal cabinets and replaced them with giant Craftsman Tool Boxes!

For our first class, we simply reviewed the syllabus and discussed the different types of Couverture. In class, we'll be working exclusively with Callebaut, 58%. We went through the process of how chocolate is made, and how to properly temper it.

The objectives for this class are:
  • prepare syrups for casting, pulling, and blowing
  • prepare pulled sugar for reuse
  • color and shade sugar work
  • make decorative flowers, ornamental items, and birds from case, blown, or pulled sugar
  • prepare and model with modeling chocolate
  • temper and make chocolate centerpieces for display
  • demonstrate marzipan modeling
  • prepare pastillage
Sounds fun, huh? =)

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