Monday, December 29, 2008


Wow, I'm really and truly a terrible blogger. But, I want to get better at this, especially as my love of all things "baking" grows, exponentially. I've been busy... I think it's safe to say "everyone" is busy during the holidays. Plus, I've had finals.

My grades for this semester were decent. I earned an A in Fundamentals of Baking, an A in Restaurant Sanitation and Safety, and a B in Professional Cooking. I was a little bummed about that particular grade, but satisfied with the knowledge that my Chef really doesn't give many A's at all. He's a great Chef, but he grades harshly... for a reason. He wants to turn out "the best" - not just adequate Chefs. =)

I've been experimenting, a lot, with gluten free flours, egg replacers, and all sorts of ingredient trials. I've decided to enter the Iron Cupcake - Earth baking challenge. I'm really excited about it, especially since my cuppy-cakes will all be sans gluten!

I learned about the challenge recently and I'm simply too enthralled with it NOT to join up!
I really can't wait for the new challenge to start!!!

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  1. Good luck in the challenge!!! That's so exciting!