Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yummy, yummy for my tummy!

What on Earth could be better than vegan "ice cream" full of gluten free cookie dough? In my book.... not much! This stuff is amazing!!! I shared a pint with Ian the other night, he LOVED it. And, he could EAT it... that's even more amazing.

If you are like me and want desperately to "ditch" dairy... but don't want to give up ice cream, this may be exactly what you need!!

For dinner this evening, I had gluten free pizza with vegan mozzarella, green peppers, and tomatoes, from Waldo Pizza. My baking team had a study party at Kari's house, and we'd decided to order pizza from the "hut." I was game for that... but then I remembered my pledge to myself, and my health. I brought my own pizza and dined with them. The pizza was yummy, and I returned home feeling very proud of myself for not giving in. Pizza Hut smells amazing, but I knew the havoc it would wreak on my digestive system. So, to the folks at Waldo Pizza.... thank you for thinking of the gluten free vegans!!! =)

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