Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scrambled Hollandaise??

It was bound to happen, Chef says it always does.... someone in class would scramble the eggs for the hollandaise.

I've made hollandaise before, successfully, so I knew that I would not have any problems with mine.


I scrambled my eggs... what a mess. I totally blame the electric flattop.... the heating elements were "off" all night. A setting of 1 caused butter to boil within moments of hitting the heat. I felt the eggs starting to scramble and Garrison, one of my teammates, started saying, "Oh no.... oh no!!" As soon as I realized what was happening, it was too late. I held up my whisk and saw Chef glance at me from across the room, a big smile broke across his face and he said, "Told ya."

He walked across the room to our work station and examined my eggs. He grabbed a lemon and said that we might be able to save it. A little lemon juice, a couple teaspoons of water, lots of melted butter, patience...and love... and we saved it!!! However, before we knew it would turn out alright, Garrison grabbed the cayenne pepper and said, "Here, let's try this." As he sprinkled it into the sauce, some went right up my nose and in my eyes. Not fun! But funny....anyhow.

In the end, Chef called our sauce "Hollandaise Diablo." It was HOT, and it was actually quite good! Too bad we didn't have any extra eggs to pour it over!!

On a positive note, my Bechemel turned out great.... it had a perfect nappe! My veloute' was a bit... well... pale. Since my team used a vegetarian stock, it lacked the color that the rest of the class's stock had. In fact, our veggie stock looks somewhat like lemonade. Tastes fine, but just doesn't look quite like everyone elses.

Due to the fact that our dark veggie stock lacks the "gelatin" from the bone marrow in the beef stock, we don't have that perfectly thick consistency to our Espagnole either. In fact, we had cooked ours about 25 minutes when we began to realize that we simply were going to need more roux. It took forever to even make a dark roux (oh, how I hate using flour!) and next week we'll have to make even more. Blah! In any event, the Espagnole was cooled and frozen before it was run through a china cap, so we'll have to do that before we can cook with it next week.

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