Saturday, September 27, 2008

Noodles & Co.

I know, I know... why am I providing a link to a restaurant, in my dining section, called Noodles & Co. when I'm clearly not permitted to consume noodles?? Well...rice noodles are perfectly fine for the gluten free, and this place came highly recommended by a Celiac friend.

I went there to try it out for myself. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering my meal to be made with rice noodles, but it was totally second nature for the cashier. I ordered Pasta Fresca with rice noodles rather than penne. The lady smiled and said, "Do you have an allergy?" I replied with a smile...and a nod, she then put it into the computer, and I saw the guy in the kitchen toss the pan he'd been using into a sink... grab a clean one, and begin working on my order. Bravo folks, bravo!!

So, today after Joshua's football game, I decided to treat all of my kiddos. Josh is not gluten free, in fact... he's a gluten junkie. He ordered mac and cheese with Parmesan crusted chicken, and licked his lips like a crazed person while he dined. The 2 little ones each had a big bowl of "plain" rice noodles. Today I had rice noodles with marinara and a totally yum-o cucumber and tomato salad. MmmMMmm. So, cheers to Noodles & Co. for being "allergy aware!"

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  1. Yummy--that's one of our favorite lunch spots!!