Monday, August 25, 2008

Ian's Birthday Cupcakes

As I have mentioned, two of my three children have pretty severe food allergies. My little boy turned 3 yesterday and I wanted him to be able to have his cake... and eat it too. So, I made him cupcakes using a Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate cake mix. I've used this mix before and it's really very yummy. However, my fail safe recipe for buttercream calls for meringue powder. My little guy is severely allergic to eggs so that recipe would not be safe for him.

I scoured the internet looking for dairy and egg free recipes, but no one recipe seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I decided to incorporate different ideas from different recipes and create me own. I have to say... it turned out really well. Everyone liked it!!

Allergen Free and Toddler Friendly Buttercream Frosting

3.5 Cups confectioners sugar
1 cup softened margarine*
1 tspn pure vanilla extract
2 tspn orange juice
2 tbspns cocoa**

Mix together in stand mixer until smooth.

* I used Mother's Kosher for Passover Margarine, since it contains no dairy OR soy
** I didn't happen to have any cocoa on hand, so I used Ian's "Toddler Health" chocolate (dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free, rice based) supplement. That added a little bit of "health and wellness" to his sugary treat. =)

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