Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gosh, I'm so far behind!!

I have neglected my culinary blog, and for that... I apologize. Eventually I'll post pics from my final dinner class. It was awesome.... simply awesome. =) In the meantime, here's a cross-post from my other blog.

I started classes last week, once again. This semester I'm taking Fundamentals of Baking, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Professional Cooking 1.

In a quest to help our Mother Earth a bit more, I've recently decided to adapt a vegetarian lifestyle. At the time I'm writing this, I've been 100% "meat free" for 5 days. So, naturally... the first night of my professional cooking class was a bit awkward as I realized how much meat I'd have to be handling/cooking. Thankfully, there is a hard-core veggie in my class and our Chef allowed us to team up together, and will work with us to help create vegetarian friendly meals. Granted, we'll still have to learn to cook all the meats and we'll have to use stocks in some of our cooking, but it's awesome that he's willing to work with us. =)

Six professional chefs, from Egypt, are in my Safe-Serve class. They are going to be a big asset to the class, I think. Chef M and Chef S both said that typical Culinary students have a strong desire to refrain from eating *anything* after the first week of PC1 & Safe Serve classes. They are both right. I have no desire to eat anything.... but of course, my body is telling me that I must. So, for breakfast I had a vegan cookie and a glass of YurbaMate tea. I hope it lasts me all day... as I do not want to eat. Period.

I'm going to post this very same posting in my culinary blog....

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