Saturday, June 7, 2008

Comments on Brown Stock

I made my stock...and the smell is heavenly. To tell the truth, it tastes pretty darn good! And, I really love that homemade stock isn't anywhere near as salty as store bought. However, my stock isn't perfect, despite the fact that it took 6 hours to make, from prep to final strain.

I will update this once Chef explains what I did wrong.

My observations -
1. Chef said that the "perfect" stock will be amber and clear.
Mine is a bit cloudy. He said that cloudy often occurs when the stock is allowed to boil too rapidly, or too long. I allowed mine to come to a slow boil, and I immediately reduced the heat to a simmer. I'm not sure why it's not as clear as it should be.

2. The perfect stock will be gelatinous when it's cold.
Mine isn't. Period. I have no idea why... perhaps I strained it too much. But, there was an awful lot of bone marrow in there, which would have prevented it from being clear. It's very liquidy... there's no gel to it at all.

Imperfections aside, I can't wait to actually use it for something. The smell is very enticing... and the taste... well, nothing short of "delish." I just wish I knew what I did wrong!

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