Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Class 2 - Meats

In tonights class, we learned all about meat. The class was broken down into the following sections:
  • Meat Identity: where cuts come from
  • Trimming a whole beef tenderloin: buying, trimming, and how to utlize the different parts productively
  • Using a Jaccarder on Meat: purpose and proper use
  • Whole Chickens: sizes and uses - butchering
  • Which cooking method is correct? - simple rules to understanding which cooking methods to use with regards to the different types of meats
We discussed the different gradings of meats, carcass divisions in beef, veal, lamb, and pork, matched cooking methods with cuts, and cooking methods of poultry.

We also did a lot of cooking, recipes to follow. =)

Our homework for this week is to go to the grocery store, identify 5 different cuts of meat, discuss where they come from, and the best cooking methods to apply to each cut. We also have to research the "Maillard Reaction."

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