Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chef's Comments

Chef walked around the kitchen last night, picking up each container of stock - holding it up to the light, and commenting. I had frozen my stock and had to thaw it out previous to class. It was taking much longer than I'd hoped, so I the big old disk in a sauce pan and heated it up. I noticed a few more imperfections as it heated up, so I strained it through a cheesecloth, again.

When he picked up mine, he looked at me and asked if I'd just made it. I explained that I'd frozen it and reheated it. He looked at it in the light and said, "nice color." He then opened it up and smelled it.

He put the lid back on the bowl, held it back up again and said, "When it's done correctly, you can smell the herbs and vegetables, nice." And with that, he set my bowl back down on the table in front of me and moved on to the next stock. =)

There were stocks that were much clearer than mine. There were some that were much darker (with beef, the darker the better). There were a few that were much cloudier. In fact, he stopped at the one and said, "You boiled this, didn't you?" The poor lady looked down and admitted that she had the heat too high and had not been paying attention.

I felt pretty good about the comments I received. =)

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