Friday, May 9, 2008

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...

That's when my love affair with food began. My grandma, "Nanny", introduced me to the culinary world when I was a very small child. At a time when I wasn't even allowed IN the kitchen at home, my grandma had me cooking and baking with her on the weekends.

Nanny subscribed to several cooking magazines and we'd sit down and examine the recipes in each one. Her favorite was "Taste of Home." When I married my husband and moved away from my life-long home, Nanny gave me a subscription of my own for Christmas.

Over the years, I learned to make substitutions in recipes to adapt them for my grandfather, who had been diagnosed with type II diabetes. We worked to improve the healthiness and reduce the sugar in the recipes that we'd loved throughout the years. I really loved spending time in the kitchen with my grandma. Being in the kitchen, today, helps bring back all those wonderful memories.

I've now been married for 10 years, and recently returned to school to finish a degree I started long ago. However, my love for all things culinary and my daughter's necessity of a gluten restricted lifestyle lead me to change my focus and direction. As of 6/3/08, I will begin my career as a student in the Culinary Arts. I can't wait!!

I will begin my schooling by taking a Professional Culinary Arts program at the Kansas City Culinary Center. Once I complete this program, I will begin the Hospitality Management program at Johnson County Community College. My concentration is Pastry/Baking and I will begin the curriculum, specific for this course of study, in August 2009.

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